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Family Business Consultations

All families, indeed all social systems, experience tension and conflict especially at times of crisis and change. One characteristic of a healthy system is its ability to adapt to change and to achieve a newly organized homeostatic state whereby all the parts of the system contribute harmoniously to its healthy functioning.

Young attractive business people - the elite business teamHowever, change in a social system is almost never without tension and conflict. A family business is particularly liable to conflict which has the potential to disrupt the successful functioning of the business.

For example a business established and controlled by the family patriarch will ultimately reach a point where a transition of power must inevitably take place. But Dad may have difficulty relinquishing control. Or the siblings or other relatives in the business may have very different ideas about who should replace Dad.

This is why a therapist like us who has specialized training and expertise in systems theory and its application to social systems is uniquely qualified to help families negotiate the shoals and pitfalls that characterize a business that is owned and operated by a family. A plus is our understanding of family businesses based upon our personal experience in a rental business with members of our own family.

If your business is experiencing problems related to the cooperative and productive relationships of the members of the family who work there, call us for a free consultation. We will explain how he will work with the entire family to resolve the difficulties the business is currently experiencing in order to ensure the future success of the business.