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How To Discipline

Model . . .
Modeling is one of the most effective teaching methods. The piano teacher demonstrates a particular technique on the keyboard while the pupil watches. Then the pupil tries the strategy. The flying instructor manipulates the controls of the airplane to perform a certain maneuver. Then the student pilot takes the controls and attempts to imitate the maneuver.

You don’t have to plan to model behavior for your children. You are doing it every day whether you know it or not. How do you think babies learn to talk? If you use profanity, you can be sure your child will try it. If you promise a child something and don’t deliver, you can guess what he is learning.

If you want your child to tell the truth, you must always tell the truth. If you call in sick when you want to shop or play golf, you are teaching your child to lie to get what she wants. If you want her to be responsible, you must be responsible.

Your children are watching. They are learning to behave just like you. It is that simple.

Next week we will examine how to use talk effectively to discipline your child.