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Effective June 15, 2020, I will again see clients in my office at 6366 33rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

About Dr. Ross

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Over thirty years experience
  • Certification Trainer for the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventories
  • Christian values
  • Author of My Marriage Manual available by clicking hereHere is what people are saying about My Marriage Manual: “This is a wonderful collection of brief essays that address nearly every topic regarding marriage coming from both his own experience and more important, rooted in God’s Truth. I recommend it to all who desire to improve their marriage and/or help others do the same.” – Greg Williams, Director of Marriage Outreach, The Family Foundation

CCslider4“For anyone who cares about marriage and/or marriage ministry this book contains a wealth of valuable information and great wisdom from a theological and practical standpoint. Bob Ross keys in on issues you won’t find in most other marriage books.” – Penny Hudson, Founder, The Marriage Education and Resource Center

“This book covers all you need to know about marriage but didn’t know enough to ask. The book is comprehensive without being complicated. . .One word that catches the essence of this book, it would be the word “wisdom.” Here is a veteran marriage counselor, who is himself a veteran of a marriage to Doris for over fifty years, sharing insights that can save marriages while enriching every marriage.

“Every couple should read this book. It is highly useful for pre-marital counseling, marital crisis counseling, marriage enrichment, and for understanding the dynamics of relationships.” – Bruce Parmenter, D.Min., Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Care, Lincoln Christian Seminary

Dr. Ross received holds degrees from Southeastern Louisiana University, Columbia Theological Seminary and Emory University. Before moving to St. Petersburg, FL, in 2014, he served clients for several years in his private practice in Lexington, KY.

He has supervised the clinical training of therapists. He has developed and taught many other therapists how to use the successful couple intervention modality known as “Individualized Couples Therapy.”

Besides writing My Marriage Manual Dr. Ross has published extensively in both scholarly and popular publications.