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Individual Counseling

When your problems overwhelm you, we help you find the path to peace and happiness.
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Couples/Marriage Counseling

Together we will develop a specific, concrete plan to recover the intimacy that you desire.
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Stress and Anxiety Counseling

When your life falls apart around you, we will help you keep your composure and take care of yourself.

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Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Central Counseling serves the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area. We provide counseling for individuals in stress, couples who want to have a more intimate relationship, and families that are dealing with conflict or parenting issues.

Our team has extensive experience in couples and marriage counseling. We are the creator of the widely used technique Individualized Couples Counseling. It is obvious that the only way a relationship can be changed is by a change in the behavior of one partner– or of both partners. Individualized Couples Counseling (ICT) helps couples by encouraging each person to examine his or her role in the marriage.

Sometimes only one of the partners is willing to go to counseling. Recent research in how various systems work (social as well as biological and mechanical) helps us understand how two partners in a relationship affect each other. If we stop to think about it, a lot of this is common
sense. I am very much aware that what my wife says to me and how she says it affects me. And it affects the way I respond to her.

What I need to consider is how what I say and how I say it affects her. ICT is a method of therapy that helps a partner identify his/her behavior and the effect it has on the other partner. One great advantage of ICT over other therapy modalities is that it can change a relationship or
marriage by demonstrating how only one partner can make a change in the relationship by making a change in himself or herself.

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Some of other dilemmas that we help our clients to resolve include:

  • loss and grief
  • depression
  • anxiety and phobias
  • premarital preparation
  • couple conflict
  • marital adjustment and intimacy
  • divorce adjustment
  • sexual or pornography addiction
  • substance abuse assessments

If you are unsure about whether us or another counselor would be a good fit to help you, please request a free thirty minute consultation to get better acquainted with him. He will try to answer all of your concerns and any questions you have about how counseling works, cost, etc