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Stages of Parenting

It is often said that parenting should come with a manual. Comedians continue to make jokes about how hard it is to be a parent. However, go to any bookstore or search online for parenting blogs and magazines, you will find plenty of advice and “manuals.” Before reaching searching for that advice, you should be … read more

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction J. Robert Ross, Ph. D., LMFT Objectives: Participants in this workshop will learn to . . . (1) Describe the etiology, physiology and psychology of sexual addiction. (2) Describe and diagnose the forms and level of sexual addiction. (3) Describe the physical, psychological moral, and social damage of sexual addictions. (4) Develop effective … read more

How To Discipline

Model . . . Modeling is one of the most effective teaching methods. The piano teacher demonstrates a particular technique on the keyboard while the pupil watches. Then the pupil tries the strategy. The flying instructor manipulates the controls of the airplane to perform a certain maneuver. Then the student pilot takes the controls and … read more

How To Handle an Infatuation

It happens every day–to good people, to people with good marriages. They didn’t intend for it to happen, “it just did.” Cupid is the most mischievous of the gods. He enjoys shooting his arrows at the most unlikely people at the most unlikely times. Falling in love is not only unpredictable, it is often most … read more